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Before you follow me, bewarned; Dark B/W theme, Will usually follow back similar. I do not encourage self-harm but will reblog photos of self harm iamages. if you don't like the dark stuff, do not follow me just to unfollow me. I am aheart broken, depressed as all fuck 17 almost 18 year old girl, who needs professional help! I am not suicidle at the point, but I feel like I am heading that direction!

I DO CARE! SO PLEASE STAY STRONG AND SMILE!!! Ask or fan mail me anytime, if you would like to talk!

Really trying not to let myself slip up…. Ever since last night, I have wanted to, and I hate feeling like this.

Some might say, I am not allowed to, because I have a loving boyfriend. But when I am alone, those bad thoughts attack me, they attack me, and make me want to slip up.

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